Kundig Sanders

Kundig Premium Series

Premium Series

The Premium model series uses customary, well-proven parallel sanding technology and delivers great results from solid timber sanding up to lacquer sanding applications, provided the requirements don't include high gloss.

 Kundig Sander Brilliant Series

Brilliant Series

 Simply put, Kündig's exclusive oblique sanding technology does what experienced wood workers do instinctively: Through slanting of the sanding assembly, the sanding grit's cutting ability and belt life improves and undesirable sanding traces don't show on the work piece.

Kundig Technic Botop Sander

Technic Botop- Wide Belt Sander

Industrial sanding applications are mostly output oriented. The needs for fast feed rates and high surface finish quality must somehow both be met. This can be achieved using Kündig top and bottom sanding machines.

Kundig Uniq Sander

Uniq Series

All edge sanders of the Kündig Uniq series are very heavily constructed and offer a stable working station.

The Uniq series offers a wide array of practice-oriented features: It has a heavy cast iron working table on one side for solid wood sanding, along with a similar one on the other side for veneer sanding, they can be used simultaneously. The height adjustment and the tilting (up to 45°) of the sanding unit assembly are motorized and no adjustment of the working tables is required. To ensure perfectly even use of the sanding belt, the unit has an oscillation stroke of 90 mm (3.5 inch).