Ice Clean Systems


Ice Clean Systems manufactures dry ice cleaning and dry ice blasting systems and is a pioneer in the automation of dry ice cleaning systems. Ice Clean Systems dry ice cleaning and dry ice blasting systems utilize small, rice-sized particles of dry ice as the cleaning media. The particles of dry ice will not generate any secondary waste from the cleaning media, and is an ideal solution for cleaning abrasive belts and significantly increasing belt life.


Ice Clean Systems is the leader, and innovator, in the field of dry ice blasting, and dry ice cleaning technology, providing experience and service for the mold remediation, fire restoration, abrasive belt cleaning, general industrial, food processing, electrical and nuclear applications.  

Ice Clean Systems dry ice cleaning systems and technology(s) have received national and international awards in the areas of safety, ergonomics, economics, innovation and environmental. 

TimeSavers Sanding Belt Demo

This video shows a very loaded 54” wide paper belt being cleaned with IceClean Systems’ AbraSand-On Automated Belt-Cleaning System. The actual cleaning time for this belt is right at 1 minute, with a cost of about $.75 per cleaning.

This process is non-destructive to abrasives and adds no moisture.

Hardwood Sanders

Hardwood sanders achieve 5 to 8 full belt lifetimes with our belt cleaning system, and their return on investment (ROI) occurs most times in less than 1 year if they sand 8 hours/day. 

Softwood Sanders

Softwood sanders achieve over 60 full belt lifetimes; and their ROI point normally occurs in as little as a month, if they sand 8 hours/day.