Kleiberit Edgebanding Glue


EVA Hotmelt Adhesives

Depending on the requirements, these hotmelt adhesive systems are typically used in the wood and plastic processing industries (including the filter industry) and for handicraft. Their properties are tailored so that they fulfill the respective requirements, e.g. heat resistance or line speeds and machines. Excellent for assembly bonding and for bonds in filter production and paper processing. The applications are diverse. Mainly for finishing furniture edges or wrapping profiles for interior use.. 


Reactive PUR Hotmelt Adhesives

These hotmelt adhesive systems react with moisture from the material to be bonded or the working environment, e.g. the air; meaning in addition to the physical effect through the hardening of the liquid adhesive, there is also an additionally chemical reaction which positively influences the bond properties.  With regards to the bonding properties or water and temperature resistance, PUR hotmelt adhesives are hard to beat. 


Hotmelt adhesives for bonding of edges and softforming have a medium or high viscosity, in order to fill the gaps in the middle layer of the chipboard and to achieve good strength across the whole width of the board.

Quick crystallisation in the press is necessary to avoid smearing during flush milling. The green strength of hotmelt adhesives must be very high, especially for softforming processes, so that the memory of the edging materials cannot cause the glue line to open.

Edgebanding adhesives are free flowing and therefore do not cause blocking in the granulate pre-melter. Edge banding hotmelts are melted in granulate premelters which are usually situated directly above the application system. The premelted adhesive is guided (level-controlled) through a heated hose into the application basin. The application is either with roller or with a nozzle. For straight edges the adhesive is usually applied on the chipboard, for softforming always to the edging material.